Revolutionise your member experience with AI


The problem


of members quit after 6 months


more costly to acuire new members


of Members QUIT AFTER 6 months With a postive on boarding process

Gym Members AI-Onboarding System

SHOSABI is an AI-onboarding system, we provide gyms the opportunity to enhance their members onboarding experience, increase member engagement & retention.

Using state of the art Japanese technology, our mission is to improve the gym members training experience.
Woman training with personal trainer

We help gyms enhance and prolong their members journey

A guided onboarding process will put new members on the right track and enhance confidence and autonomy, leading to better results and increased retention.

No more members wondering what to do in the gym.


No more lack of resources to conduct on-boarding sessions.


No more churn of members due to lack of proper onboarding or follow-ups. Protect your customer base.

Shosabi Onboarding Systems

How Shosabi will help your gym

Let Shosabis AI trainer help your gym to decrease turnover in a fun and interactive way.

1. Give your members the start they deserve

No more confused members. Provide them with clarity and a custom program from day

2. Less dependent on human resources

You are no longer vulnerable to limited or unpredictable human resources. Talent is hard to find and retain.

3. Reliable, consistent and objective

Provide a data driven, consistent and objective Ai-experience

4. Easy for members & staff

An easy 15min user experience, no supervision required.

5. Enahanced member satisfaction

Guidance, follow-ups and progress reports.

6. Lead generator for personal training

Questions can be forwarded to the PT-team for leads and follow up.

7. Less churn

More engagement, more satisfaction, less churn. Solidify your customer relationships.

8. Customizable

White label and providing your own content is key. Integrate with your personal training software and send reminders via your club management software.

Let’s See How it Works

The members journey



Questionnaire & PAR-Q using our touch screen panel to better understand your members.


Posture analysis

Posture analysis is completed using our 3D-camera technology.

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Movement screen

Movement screen which consists of 4 simple movements to identify movement abilities and to help customize the program.

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Fitness tests

Our fitness tests uses body weight exercises and simple equipment (suitable for all training levels) + retests to monitor progress.

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A personalized and bespoke program is selected, based on the clients goals, experiences, injuries, preferences and training frequency. The program is also adjusted to suit their movement skills and limitations.

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Bespoke progam

The program can be uploaded to your existing software solution as a report and downloaded to the clients phone/email.


Make the solution your own with our customization options.

White label option

Put your own touch on it with your branding!

Instructor videos

Add your own instructor videos to make it more personal and in touch with your brand needs.

Exercise library

Add your own exercise library.


Add your own customizable questionnaire to get the date you need.


About us

Shosabi was started by a small team of technologists at MCG, one of the worlds largest chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and life science corporations.

Based in Tokyo and comitted to MCG`s mission of building for the sustainable wellbeing of the global society, the Shosabi team set aim to democratize personal training and make it available and affordable for everyone.

With conviction that today, enough technologies exists to build an AI based personal training system, the Shosabi team brought together an international team of experts to figure this out.

Team Shosabi

Meet our team at a glance

Photo of the founder - Sachiko Kamiyama
Sachiko Kamiyama

Founder | CEO
The "Boss Lady"
20 years of leadership and administration

Photo of Kenjiro Kobayashi
Kenjiro Kobayashi

Founder | CTO
The "Tech Guy"
30 years of creating awesome tech products

Photo of Ian Houghton
Ian Houghton

Co-founder | CPO
The "Product Guy"
20 years of fitness industry experience and serial entrepreneur

Photo of Ramzi Halaby
Ramzi Halaby

The "Connection"
20 years of connecting people and getting
stuff done

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